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Christmas Traditions in Google Classroom

Christmas Traditions

What was the historical significance/practice of these traditions before they became Christmas traditions? How were they morphed to have Christian value?

December 25th -   John, Noor, Eric, Keira

Christmas trees and Evergreens - Ally, Joseph, Gordon, Darius

Presents, ornaments, and lights - Olivia, Maddix, Alyssa,  Johaan

Santa, milk and cookies - Adam, Daanvir, Zoe, Jordyn

Mistletoe and Holly - George, Alex, Annistyn, Alana

Poinsettias -  Kendal, Makayla, Nathan, Cami

Put your info in a presentation template (your choice) for the class.

Where did the tradition start?

What was the initial significance of of this tradition?

How has this tradition changed over time?

How has this tradition morphed into a Christian value?

How do we as Christ followers honor the original significance of the tradition?

How might the cultures of this tradition feel about how we currently celebrate THEIR traditions?

You must cite at least three references for your historical significance?  If you site Wikipedia you will be marked down.
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Gratitude Exercise # 1  in Google Classroom

Gratitude Exercise # 1

Inventory the contents of your food pantry and in house freezer, turn it in either in written format from your note book by taking a CLEAR picture or - a goggle document.  YES this is a graded assignment!  YES it is okay to have a lot of food in your home!  You do not have to list each and every individual items - you can say 10 cans of soup / 5 boxes of popcorn .... etc. 
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