Tech Fair 2023 Highlights New Levels of Student Creativity and Courage

Alta Loma Christian School hosted its fifth annual Technology Fair on Wednesday, May 10—with the theme “Created to Create”—on a special Tech Fair Showcase Day featuring student creations in grades 2-8.


From coding and graphic design to video production, ALCS students submitted original STEM/STEAM projects of their liking to showcase their creative talents and mastery of technology-based tools. Classes then signed up in 15-minute blocks to see and interact with each of the Tech Fair entries in the Computer Lab.

And in the fifth year of the event, several students took their creativity and ideas to new heights, sparking new excitement and curiosity for the ALCS student body.

tech fairThird grader Gabriella submitted the first ever original song composition that had eighth graders crowding around to listen, while sixth grader Allison built on her previous 3D design experience by stop motion-animating a 3D-designed dragon scene in TinkerCAD, a popular 3D design app that's no stranger to ALCS.

As has been the case in the last several years, video production was the most popular category, with over half of the student submissions being original short films and animations.

Four awards were given to acknowledge students who stood out in evidencing Courage, Perseverance, Creativity, and Growth, underlying the main purpose of the Tech Fair: to encourage students to be brave by challenging themselves and push the boundaries of their creativity, and transform them from simple 'users' of technology, to Spirit-led creators.

All Tech Fair projects have now been uploaded onto the ALCS school website, and can be seen at