ALCS Campus Receives Some TLC to Mark the New School Year

Just about everywhere you look, there's something new to be seen...

campus improvementFriends and families from Alta Loma Christian School and Solid Ground Church joined forces to welcome the new school year with some good old fashioned elbow grease and sweat in the spirit of The Great Refreshing.
Volunteers - both young and seasoned - occupied the campus on two different "weekend workdays" in July and August to improve both the aesthetic and functional form of the school. From new plants and wood chips around the many gardened areas of the campus, to paint on the playgrounds and hand rails and new carpets in classrooms, the physical presence of ALCS received some much needed attention that made an immediate difference for everyone stepping onto campus for the new school year.
“There is an air of freshness, joy, and excitement throughout the campus, one of expectation and anticipation," beamed ALCS Head of School, Dr.  Nichols. "I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do!”
Perhaps the most visible new beam of light is the new bench facing the playground and parking lot that provides a beautiful, simple, and ever-present reminder for the ALCS community: "Need a friend? Be a friend!"
campus improvement
Separately, ALCS Middle School received its own gift of grace over the summer with an anonymous donation that provided brand new desks for both the students and teachers, sparking a renewed sense of excitement for the new school year.
"Words cannot express the sense of gratitude we feel as teachers when a parent reaffirms their faith in our program in such a generous way!" exclaimed Middle School Principal, Laura Jedlick. "It reminds our students in a simple yet meaningful way that they are valued, but it also reaffirms our teachers that they too are seen and supported. It was a tremendous blessing to our middle school village."