picsLANCASTER, CA – When you do the math, it all adds up, success multiplies, problems are divided and conquered, and there is blessed subtraction. 
And can our kids do the math!
Alta Loma Christian 
School’s Math Olympics 
Team experienced all of 
this and more last Friday, 
March 8, as the Eagle 
underscored and bolded 
the “M” in STEM at the Association of Christian Schools International Regional Math Olympics at Desert Christian Schools in Lancaster.
Nine members of the ALCS Math Olympics Team placed, in a very strong performance at the annual competition, which is structured by grade level and the categories of Computation and Reasoning. 
ALHere are ALCS’ winners from last Friday’s ACSI Math Olympics:
• Eric - 3rd Place, Computation
• Alexa - 5th Place, Reasoning
• John - 5th Place, Reasoning
• Jimmy - 1st Place, Computation
• Brennan - 1st Place, Reasoning
• Ethan - 3rd Place, Reasoning
• Maddix - 5th Place, Computation
• Nolan - 3rd Place, Reasoning
• Linda - 2nd Place, Reasoning
math“It was a great turnout! Seven schools total, I believe, with kids competing against 13-14 other students at their grade level in their respective category,” reported Mrs. Jasmine Royse, the ALCS math department chair. “Even though I had to drive to Lancaster, I love our kids so much that I’d do it again tomorrow. I’m really proud of them!”