ALCS Tech Fair Ignites Excitement and Wonder

A number of years ago, Alta Loma Christian School sent an outstanding team of students to a regional technology fair and competition. The creative Eagle engineers and artists presented several remarkable projects that were technologically advanced…so advanced that the parent volunteers judging the event from other schools did not understand what the students had done and the level of significance and sophistication—and brilliance—they had achieved in their projects.
As a result, the scores and ribbons issued to the ALCS students did not match the exceptional quality and high performance they had demonstrated and displayed. To say that these students, as well as their teachers and administrators, were hugely disappointed is a vast understatement. There was heartbreak. There were tears and head shaking. Letters were written and conversations were had.
The decision was ultimately made by the school that it would no longer subject its remarkable students to repeated unfair and inadequate adjudication, by judges that did not have the capacity to fully appreciate the forward-thinking and unequaled creativity of ALCS’ tech-minded students.
And that’s when the ALCS Tech Fair was born.
students participate in Alta Loma Christian School's Tech Fair
During the week of March 18, the soaring spirit of Eagle imagination took wing, as students showcased their prowess for peers and adults alike at the ALCS Tech Fair 2024.
Projects ranged from a robotic dinosaur, to a Minecraft replica of the ALCS campus, to a special God-honoring “Be Alright” rap remix, to a 3D-designed home, to a Tinkercad 3D-model of Solid Ground Church, to video, animation, and digital photography entries, to much, much more!
Scroll down to view all of this year's projects.
The annual overarching theme of the ALCS Tech Fair is “Created to Create,” and this year’s special focus was “The Future is Yours to Create.”
By the way, that technology fair and competition mentioned earlier? It was discontinued a year or two later. The sponsoring organization considered the ALCS situation and input from ALCS and others, and took a long, hard look at why it held the event and what it wanted to achieve. So, the organizers went back, started afresh, reinvented the activity, and birthed a new type of technology competition.
Alta Loma Christian School students compete at the GCU-ACSI International STEM Competition
It’s called the Association of Christian Schools—Grand Canyon University International Christian STEM Competition championships (ACSI GCU ICSC). In the ACSI GCU ICSC’s first three years of existence, ALCS student teams have now won three international STEM championships and first place finishes, three regional first place finishes, three regional second place finishes, and placed fourth, fifth, seventh, ninth, tenth, eleventh, and fourteenth in numerous categories against Christian schools from around the world and across the U.S.— most of which are high schools.

Tech Fair 2024 Projects

Steven E. and Arjo F. (Gr 2) - 3D Design: A Home
Sadie L. (Gr 2) - Video Production: How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies
Olivia S. (Gr 2) - Scratch Game: Paddle Ball
Maddie E. (Gr 3) - Video Production: How to Make a Stress Ball
Scott B. (Gr 3) - Animated Video: Slippery Lunch
Maverick D. (Gr 3) - Robotics: Robotic Dinosaur
Astra D. and Jenny Y. (Gr 4) - Scratch Game: Evil Monke
Gabriella C. (Gr 4) - Digital Photography: Picture of ALCS
Thiago M. (Gr 4) - Stop Motion Video: Wild Futbol
Max M. (Gr 4) - Audio Production: Be Alright Remix
Breanna M. and Emmy S. (Gr 4) - Video Production: How the Grinch Stole Christmas Video
Ava Z. and Jackie I. (Gr 4) - 3D Design: Tinkercad model of Solid Ground Church
Melvin C. (Gr 5) - Code Game: Full Release
Madison W. (Gr 6) - Animated Video Production
Alyssa K. and Dhilan H. (Gr 7) - Video Production: The Quiet Place Movie Trailer
Alex S. (Gr 7) - 3D Design: Replica of ALCS in Minecraft
Eric D. (Gr 7) - Scratch Game: Tower Defense Epic
Allison W. (Gr 7) - Animated Video Production
Joshua G. (Gr 7) - Animated Video Production: Race 1
Nolan T. and Matthew M. (Gr 8) - Video Production: Super Mario - No Way Back