Living Wax Museum Brings History to Life

Mrs. Levens' third graders made history come alive on Wednesday, April 24, as they presented their Annual Living Wax Museum to the delight of students, parents, and staff members alike.
During the Living Max Museum, students present their research on historical figures, dress up as those individuals, and then “come alive” when guests press the “play button” on each student’s display. The students, in character, then talk about their lives and their impact on history.
3rd grade living wax museum
“Along with Cultural Heritage Day, this is one of my favorite days of the school year,” smiled ALCS head of school, Dr. Vance Nichols, “because the students work so hard on their person from history, and become a wonderful and diverse collection of people to learn from. They do a great job.”
Historical figures represented included such people as Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, Fanny Crosby, Elon Musk, Babe Ruth, Neil Armstrong, Mae Jemison, Walt Disney, Sacajawea, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, 
Lucille Ball, Benjamin Franklin, Marie Curie, Laurie Hernandez, Lebron James, Lionel Messi, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Diana, Satoshi Tajiri, Frida Kahlo, Jefferson Davis, and Jennie Finch.
3rd grade living wax museum
In past years, visitors would drop coins into a cup to “activate” each character, raising fund for the third grade community service project. This year, the third grade participated in the Fall to raise disaster relief for the Maui wildfires, so they went from a donation cup to a “play button.”
“Everyone was so impressed with our kids and their hard work to make history come alive again this year,” noted Dr. Nichols. “We thank the Lord for Mrs. Levens and her class, and their exceptional efforts.”
3rd grade living wax museum