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We offer part-time and full day programs for children 3 to 4+ years old. All students must be potty trained.
Please refer to our Admission Procedures for more information on how to apply.

Our Approach to Child Care
We believe that all children can learn and grow in a nurturing, caring, and safe environment. This allows them to make meaningful choices and encourages them to be active learners. Our vision is that each child would grow spiritually, academically, and personally, being used by God to accomplish the plans He has for their lives.

 3’s Classes
Maximum class size: 12
Children are active learners who learn by doing, exploring, thinking about, playing and hands on. We focus on teacher directed instruction to help the children be the active learners they crave to be. Our three year-old students begin to recognize letters and letter sounds, numbers and their own name. We incorporate as much hands on as possible with sorting objects, measuring, creating shapes while focusing on their age-appropriate curriculum.

Ages: 4 years
Maximum class size: 12
The emphasis of this program is on providing for the foundational development of a positive self-image, and providing continual, developmentally appropriate cognitive instruction and exploration. The Pre-K program is structured and academic. There is a well defined curriculum including: academics, outside playground time, music and movement.

Transitional Kindergarten Preschool
Ages: 4 years and 9 months
Maximum class size: 12
Our advanced four year olds are one step away from entering Kindergarten. At this age, we continue to encourage the children by taking the learning process one step further. Advanced four year olds will not only recognize letters and letter sounds, numbers and quantities, recognize their name and write their name, but also tell time as we challenge them with age appropriate curriculum. In this class we also introduce the children to homework in preparation for Kindergarten.

View or download the Preschool Daily Schedule (PDFs below)
View or download the Preschool curriculum chart (PDFs below)
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Ages: 5 years
Maximum class size: 18
Our Kindergarten program consists of a well-structured full day academic program. Students’ MAP test scores consistently rank ahead of the nation in both Math and Reading, and we have a proven track record of helping students achieve their greatest potential.

View or download the Kindergarten curriculum (PDFs below)

Believing that children are influenced within a home, community, and social environment, all programming for a child, whether full or part day, should support a child’s development by providing a safe and healthy play and learning environment.