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CWHW 11/30 - Christmas traditions in Google Classroom

CWHW 11/30 - Christmas traditions

Teach us: the non-Christian use of your practice, and how it was adopted as Christian. Finally, tell us if you think we should continue to use your tradition as part of our Christmas traditions.
Put info in Google slides. Remember that you're also graded on the quality of your slides (text, pictures, colors, organization, etc). I've included a couple helpful links to get you started.

December 25th and Xmas - Leilani, Sathvik, Sophia
Santa, Reindeer, cookies and milk, and presents - Ella, Alexis, Olivia, and Zach
Christmas trees and ornaments - Sav, Ra, Asher, Miqiu
Mistletoe and Holly -  Wyatt, Jacob, Gabby
Lights and poinsettias - Jack, Hudson, Javi
Caroling and the Yule Log - Josh, Connor, Owen
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