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Our Values

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Alta Loma Christian School is to educate, equip, and empower our students and school community through excellence in Christ-centered education, to the glory of God.

Our Vision Statement

The vision of Alta Loma Christian School is that every child will grow spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically, and that our students and school family will be leaders and change-agents for Christ in the world—both individually and in community—in ever-greater and unique ways. This will result in our students and school community impacting the world and eternity for Christ.

It is our goal that the following five educational imperatives—which we have committed to champion for all our students and families—will continue to grow and be realized in ever-greater, God-honoring ways:

  • a Christ-centered, biblical worldview that builds faith and develops character;
  • academic excellence and rigor;
  • safety;
  • strong family-school relationships, kindled by caring, accessible teachers;
  • leadership in 21st century skills.


Enabled by the Holy Spirit, we aim to accomplish this through our Expected Learning Outcomes for students as:

  • Learners (Knowledge-Masters),
  • Innovators (Idea-Makers),
  • Influencers (Thought-Shapers),
  • Transformers (Truth-Claimers).


Focused on core competencies and 21st century skills—and undergirded by an unshakeable 1st century faith—we envision the results will be exquisitely of God’s own doing as we join in partnership with Him:

    • the educating, equipping, and empowering of our children for their finest futures, in accordance with God’s plan for each of their lives;
    • the encouragement of our entire school community, to engage in good works;
    • the expansion of God’s kingdom for His glory, leading to the exaltation of Jesus Christ above all things;
    • the eternal difference this will collectively make, to the everlasting glory of God.


Additional information about our mission, vision, and expected learning outcomes can be found in our comprehensive EagleVision Five Year Strategic Plan.